African Arts Academy offers special program for Internally Displaced Girls

Jan 24, 2022

African Arts Academy offers special program for Internally Displaced Girls

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African Arts Academy offers special program for Internally Displaced Girls News Article

The African Arts Academy organised a program for internally displaced girls which was aimed at empowering them to make money from their handwork.

This program took place on Tuesday 11th January 2022 and was chaired by the Founder of FUNIC Mme FOTABE Elmine, The Human Resource Specialist of FUNIC, Mme ETA Lucy and the Coordinator of the African Arts Academy, Miss YUTI Laura. It was an interactive program accompanied by snacks and drinks.

A total of 7 girls were present for this program, each having a powerful background story which they explained to be the reason behind the burning passion they had to take in the part program. A rundown of the program was explained to the girls in details. Mme Fotabe warmly welcomed the girls and shared with them a brief background history of herself which made the girls more comfortable and interactive. She pointed out 3 key messages which are; to take hard work seriously, hard work and handwork pays and that life tomorrow depends on choices made today.

Mme Eta Lucy later took the floor and expressed how happy she felt seeing each and every one of these girls being so passionate about the program. She further gave an outline of the program which includes: Daily Motivation, Training Session, Coaching Session, Challenges and the award of a price. She made the girls understand that the program is designed in a manner that will keep their passion burning so they won’t have to back down along the line.

FUNIC’S Founder Mme Fotabe laid out letters which spelt PATIENCE. Each girl was entitled to a letter and was assigned to get a keyword or phrase which begins with that letter. The girls are to use these keywords or phrases as motivation throughout the year. Mme Fotabe further gave them a short and interactive lesson on patience and why it is important for a woman especially to exercise it all time.

The AAA Coordinator, Miss YUTI Laura, closed the program and handed an envelope to the girls which contained a motion of support from donors. It is aimed at supporting the girls with transport fare to the training institution throughout the week.


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