FUNIC Cameroon Awards 100 Scholarships

Nov 20, 2023

FUNIC Cameroon Awards 100 Scholarships

Takor Ronald |
FUNIC Cameroon Awards 100 Scholarships Fotabe University of Cameroon, FUNIC has awarded scholarships to Internally Displaced Persons, IDPs, from the restive North West and South West Regions. The scholarships awarded the IDPs including underprivileged girls is a yearly largesse from FUNIC offered as part of the institution’s Corporate Social Responsibility.

Beneficiaries of this year’s offer received their scholarships on the 17th of October 2023 in Douala. This was during a heavily attended ceremony attended amongst others by the British High Commissioner to Cameroon, His Excellency Barry Lowen. 

After a warm welcome from the Executive Vice President, Dr. Takor Ronald, the event kicked off.

Speaking during the ceremony, the Founder of the Fotabe University of Cameroon, Dr Elmine Fotabe, challenged the beneficiaries to make the best out of the offer. She told the recipients: “Through this scholarship program, I want you, IDPs, teenage mothers, and all of you in similar circumstances to remember never to give up on your dreams. But unto those dreams, add hard work, perseverance, and prayer so that one day those dreams will become a hope for future generations”. 

Dr. Elmine Fotabe told attendees that “every single time I have done so, I have felt a deep sense of fulfillment. The same fulfillment I feel at this moment. I know you may be wondering why I take so much pride in awarding scholarships. The answer to this is found in one word: empathy.". 

Taking the cue during the Douala event, the British High Commissioner to Cameroon, H.E. Barry Lowen, congratulated the authorities of the Fotabe University of Cameroon for promoting inclusive education through the scholarship scheme. The senior British diplomat said he was particularly pleased to have noticed the massive presence of girls amongst the beneficiaries. “ …we all do better when women can contribute fully to society. I hope that you will join the large number of successful women entrepreneurs I have already been meeting in Cameroon, ” Barry Lowen said. He stated that: “As you pursue your careers, I hope that you will have an impact and make a difference to Cameroon. I hope that you will choose the UK as a business partner. Let me stress that word win-win partnership. As a Cameroonian proverb says, ‘One hand can’t tie a bundle”.

The following were the scholarship categories:

• Internally displaced Persons’ Scholarship

• Girls’ Scholarship

• Job/Study Scholarships

• Dr. Fotabe’s Girls in STEM Scholarship

• Solidarity Scholarship

• Ethical Leadership Scholarship

• Entrepreneurial Leadership Scholarship

The event was attended by parents, friends, media men and women, and partner companies - FINASDDEE Credit Line, FabAfriq Media Group, and Go Ahead Africa. 

Some key government Ministries were also present during the event: The Ministry of Women and Empowerment and the Family, and the Ministry of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Social Economy, and Handicrafts. The colorful event was hosted by CRTV’s Bennen Buma Gana.

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