African Arts Academy (AAA)


African Arts Academy (AAA)

The African Arts Academy is FUNIC Cameroon's Cultural Training Academy which was created with the objective of teaching Africans to make money from their artistic talents. Training offered at AAA are not academic, but especially designed to equip artist from any background skills in Branding, Sales, Entrepreneurship, IT and others, that would prepare them to aim at projecting their talents in the global Marketplace.

At African Arts Academy, we believe that people have talents and creative skills which need to be honed to produce amazing results.

The African Arts Academy is a Social Enterprise created by FUNIC to valorise and promote the African culture, especially the Cameroonian culture. It was set up to teach students the beauty of Cameroonian culture, and to stimulate them to develop the desire to sell Cameroonian and African arts worldwide.

Programs run in this department range from one day to one full year.

AAA’s courses are taught via an e-learning, co-creation action learning methodology. This unique approach follows a 3-step process we call ECI:

  1. E-learning live training on courses such as: Social Entrepreneurship, Creativity and innovation, New product development, branding and positioning, E-commerce, Financial planning, developing a winning attitude, 100 hours of hands on.
  2. Co-creation action learning in the following specialties: perfumery and cosmetics, fashion design, skin and hair care, interior design, fashion design, clothing and textiles, mobile film making.
  3. Incubation

Hands on (Specializations):

1.    Interior Design

2.    Texture and clothing

3.    Beads and Shoe Making

4.    Beauty and skin care

5.    Graphic Design

6.    African script writing

7.    Plastic Arts

8.    Perfumeries and cosmetics

9, Mobile Film making

AAA's flagship programs are the Fashion Business Management and Arts Business Management Program!

About the Programs

Many have said that fashion makes the world go round! Experts in fashion management learn how to choose the best looks and trends, mixing and matching colors, sizes to give customers what they want in terms of style and price.

Fashion business Management is a challenging career which combines creativity, and analytical and design thinking skills. Studying this course will prepare you for a successful and rewarding career.

Our Fashion Business Management course has been designed for people who have the passion to create beautiful African fashion clothes and other items. This is an 11-month intensive training program that exposes learners to the beauty of Fashion and the intricacies of the Entrepreneurship world.

This course is taught online and on-site.

The program has 15 general courses taught over an 8-month period. After this classroom learning experience, students undertake a 240 hours hands-on as specialization in their program of interest.